Therakind was pivotal in the process of bringing Buccolam®, a buccal treatment for prolonged acute convulsive seizures in children, to the EU market. This product was sold to Viropharma Inc (now Shire Pharmaceuticals) and is marketed across Europe. Therakind has co-developed, with Wockhardt UK Ltd, and obtained UK approval for Ayendi®, a paediatric nasal pain relief product for emergency use.

Therakind is developing a novel nasal powder delivery device which has a patent pending. This is being used to develop a nasal powder of a diabetic drug for the treatment of severe hypoglycaemic reactions. A proof of concept clinical study was completed in June 2015 with encouraging results demonstrating the pharmacodynamic effect. Additionally, we have developed (EU marketing authorisation application [MAA] submitted) an oral liquid cytotoxic oncological/immunosuppressant product (patent applied) for EU, US and ROW.

We also have a pipeline of further products. Therakind are now entering clinical trial phases for two speciality hospital paediatric products as the SME partner in two European Commission 7th Framework Programme (FP7) funded projects. The goal for both projects is to develop a licensed paediatric-use product of a medicine currently without age-appropriate formulations but which is commonly used in children. One project, NeoVanc, will develop an age appropriate vancomycin product for the treatment of sepsis in neonates and infants under 3 months old in intensive care. The other project, CloSed, is developing a clonidine product for use as a sedative for children under 18 years old in the intensive care unit. Therakind anticipates MA applications in late 2018.

Therakind operates with several business models to establish a platform of authorised products generating royalties and also provides consultancy in pharmaceutical development. We would be delighted to meet potential partners for marketing our hospital/specialty medicines as well as companies seeking additional expertise to help develop paediatric/speciality formulations of their own products. We are also seeking to explore collaborations with other pharmaceutical companies who wish to utilise our unique nasal powder delivery device (which benefits from low manufacturing costs as the device utilises off-the-shelf parts).

Dr Susan Conroy


Touchlight’s enzymatic DNA amplification platform is proven to address every major limitation of plasmid DNA. Touchlight’s platform is high-yielding, high-fidelity, eliminates antibiotic resistance and is capable of gram-scale amplification of unstable sequences (e.g. secondary structure, homopolymers) using an inexpensive benchtop process lasting less than 2 weeks. Touchlight has developed differentiated therapeutic applications within AAV, lentivirus, mRNA, CRISPR, Vaccines and monoclonal antibodies.

Dr Tommy Duncan
Group Business Development Officer 
Mr Jonny Ohlson