Dr Andrew Mearns Spragg
Chief Executive Officer 
Mr Huw Neale
Sales & Marketing Manager 

King's College London

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Director of IP & Licensing 
Dr Salma Ishaq
Marketing & Licensing Manager 

Lifescience Consultants

Miss Karen Chandler-Smith

Masters Specialty Pharma

Dr William Watson
Group Commercial Director 
Mr Zain Masters
Business Development & Licensing Director 

MGB Biopharma

A private company based in Scotland, MGB Biopharma is a clinical stage Biopharma developing a novel class of antibiotics with a novel mechanism of action to treat drug-resistant bacteria. MGB has developed two strongly bactericidal formulations of its lead compound MGB-BP-3:

• An oral formulation for treating Clostridium difficile infections that has shown superiority over vancomycin, including the hyper virulent strain NAP1-027, and

• An i.v. formulation for treating systemic AMR Gram-positive hospital-acquired infections with promising in vivo efficacy data in MRSA and Streptococcus. In addition, the Company has a programme to investigate a topical formulation of its lead compound and to explore the activity of other compounds in the MGB platform against Gram-negative pathogens.

Dr Miroslav Ravic
Mr Raymond Spencer

MSP - Alderley Park

Dr Christopher Doherty
Managing Director 

Northern Health Science Alliance

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Business Development Manager 

NorthWest EHealth

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Commercial Director 


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