Dr Michael Stein


Proximagen is the drug discovery and development subsidiary of Upsher-Smith Laboratories, Inc., a U.S.-based, family-owned, fully-integrated pharmaceutical company whose mission is to deliver high-value, high-quality therapies and solutions that measurably improve patients’ lives. The Proximagen team have a long heritage of small molecule drug discovery in CNS, Pain and inflammation. Located in Cambridge, U.K., Proximagen integrated facility has has in-house capabilities in all core drug discovery disciplines, including:

- Medicinal chemistry

- In vitro and in vivo biology

- Drug metabolism and pharmacokinetics (DMPK)

As our molecules transition into development, our Upsher-Smith colleagues in Minneapolis, Minnesota provide expertise and resources in the areas of:

- Translational medicine, including clinical pharmacology, modeling and simulation.

- Chemistry, manufacturing, controls (CMC) and formulation.

- Regulatory Affairs and Clinical Operations.

Dr Jonathan Savidge
Director, Europe and Business Development 

Public Health England

Public Health England (PHE) exists to protect and improve the England's health and wellbeing, and reduce health inequalities. It is an operationally autonomous Executive Agency of the UK Department of Health with £4 billion total budget and 6000 staff (most of them with scientific/clinical background).

PHE has 35 active patent families (diagnostics, detection, drugs, therapies, vaccines) and approximately 100 trademarks for out-licensing and co-development. Five year corporate priorities are: Alcohol, AMR, Best start for every child, Dementia, Ebola, Obesity, Smoking & TB.

Dr David Rhodes
Head of Business Development 
Dr Seshadri Vasan
Senior Business Development Manager 

Quay Pharmaceuticals

Ms Miareadh Pedersen
Mr David Patterson
Mr Michiel Kruidenier
Head of Business Development 


Sareum is a drug discovery and development company delivering targeted small molecule therapeutics, focusing on cancer and autoimmune disease, for licensing to pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies at the preclinical or early clinical trials stage. Sareum operates an outsourced research model, working with international collaborators and a world-wide network of research providers.

Its most advanced programme (Chk1) commenced clinical trials in May 2016 and was licensed to NASDAQ-listed Sierra Oncology in September 2016. SKIL® (Sareum Kinase Inhibitor Library) is Sareum's drug discovery technology platform that has so far produced the Company's Aurora+FLT3 and TYK2 kinase cancer and autoimmune disease research programmes, which are in the IND-enabling preclinical and lead optimisation stages respectively.

SKIL® can also generate drug research programmes against other kinase targets. Sareum Holdings plc is listed on the AIM market of the London Stock Exchange, trading under the symbol SAR. For further information, please visit www.sareum.co.uk

Dr Tim Mitchell

Shield Therapeutics

Mr Paul Steckler
VP Commercial Operations 
Dr Georg Buchner
Senior Director Business Development and Licencing 


Stabilitech’s platform has the potential to remove the need for temperature controlled storage of vaccines, vectors and biologics. Stabilitech’s technology mimics natural phenomena well defined non-toxic and inexpensive chemical excipients. The process has been tested on both enveloped and non-enveloped live viruses, and a wide range of proteins, including antibodies, as well as alum adjuvanted subunit vaccines and has been shown to successfully stabilise all targets tested.

We are excited by our core technology’s commercial and humanitarian potential, and the additional technologies we are developing as a result of our core technology, and are committed to demonstrating its applicability to a wide range of vaccines and biopharmaceuticals. We believe that our technology has the potential to make a real improvement to many vaccines and therapeutic products and, ultimately, to the lives of patients. At a glance…

-Protein free chemical stabilisation platform.

-Protects against high and low temperature extremes.

-Enhances long term stability.

-Utility with vaccines, including adjuvanted vaccines, ? and biopharmaceuticals.

-Protects against production losses.

-Easily integrated into existing production processes.

-Benefit in both liquid and lyophilisation setting.

Dr Jeffrey Drew
Dr Elliot Bland
Director of Business Development 


Stratophase is a biotech services company that is revolutionising the timelines to clinic and commercialisation for biologics. We accelerate biomanufacturing process development and optimisation using our Ranger Adaptive Feed Control technology combined with a Probing Control Strategy to dynamically control the bioreactor environment in real time.

Mr Simon Saxby
Chief Executive Officer 

Sygnature Discovery

Sygnature Discovery adds considerable value to research projects by providing advanced scientific knowledge, intellectual input and experience to accelerate target validation, hit identification, hit to lead and lead optimization projects. Core capabilities include medicinal chemistry, in vitro biology/screening, computational chemistry, informatics, DMPK and protein crystallography. We also provide in vitro toxicology, early safety pharmacology, in vivo efficacy models, and ion channel expertise according to our clients’ specific needs, via long-term strategic alliance partners.
Dr Steve Young
Vice President, Business Development 

SYNthesis med chem

SYNthesis Research has established a number of dual contribution/dual reward, shared risk JV collaborations with biotech companies and research institutes. The goal of these shared risk collaborations is to jointly discover & develop novel, small molecule clinical candidates across a range of therapeutic areas. SYNthesis Research has a number of research programs in the cancer, immune disease, necroptosis and inflammatory disease therapeutic area, which are available for partnering.

SYNthesis med chem collaborates with organisations requiring access to high quality compound synthesis and medicinal chemistry capabilities. Custom synthesis projects include the synthesis of focused libraries, reference compounds, advanced intermediates (medium-large scale), final target compounds (small-medium scale) and hit expansion libraries. Our medicinal chemists have significant expertise in heterocyclic chemistry, peptide/cyclic-peptide & peptidomimetic chemistry (solution phase), nucleotide synthesis, natural products chemistry, SP3 carbon chemistry, asymmetric synthetic chemistry, metathesis, the resolution of enantiomers and chiral synthesis.

Mr Simon Bury
Global Head of Business Development 
Prof Andrew Wilks
Executive Chairman